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Samsung tablet technology

Sumsung Tab is a single line of upper-mid range computer that is based on Android technology produced by Sumsung Electronics. Sumsung tab is similar to the Galaxy Note series without the S-Pen stylus. The first tab in the series of Sumsung is 7’’ wide and introduced in September 2010. Since, at that time, many models have been launched ,including 10.1’’, 7.7’’ and 8.9’’ display screen. The new version of Wi-Fi in these models, include the GPS system with 3G/4G having cellular capability. In different Sumsung tabs, there is a new version of tab technology, which have been launched in the past few years, is listed here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A – 2015

This Tab series regarded as high-range Sumsung Tabs, which are basically designed as Galaxy A series smart phones. This Tab made in two forms. One is about 8’’ and the second is 9.7’’ having S-Pen equipped variant also.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E – 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab E series regarded as the entry level Samsung tablets. This Tab comes in two different sizes, which are the 9.6’’ and 7.0variants.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

This Tab was unveiled in 2016. This Sumsung Tab is the first window powered tablet which is released in this year. It has a first party keyboard included in the box. It also contains a folio keyboard. It is launched in two different forms that is depending on the set up. When it is closed, its look like leather texture which can also protect it from any damage during traveling. Users can unblock their tablet with their phone’s fingerprint and touch system.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 was released in 2016 with a 10.1" and wider display; S-Pen version was also released in September 2016.

Features of the new Tab technology

The new Tab versions include different features which provide comfortable usage to their customers. These features are listed here.
Access your phone from your tablet.
You can just call your tablet or drag it onto your mobile by connecting via Bluetooth, also drop your photos from mobile to tablet with Sidesync.

Display your tablet on your TV

You can quickly send your videos, photos or TV shows in seconds by using the new version and technology of Galaxy Note.
Do two things at once.
With Multi Window system, you can easily open your apps side-by-side, and chat online during watching your favorite shows

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