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OPPO new smart phone versions

OPPO electronic industry is an electronics manufacturer that is located in Guangdong, China. This company is basically known for its production of new smart phone versions and latest media players, MP3 players, LCD-TVs and Blu ray players of DVD. The company is also the tablet makers. It has launched the …

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Samsung Latest cell phones

Samsung is founded back in 1969 as the electric industry in South Korea and Suwon headquarters that also makes television of semiconductors now a day. The first Android mobile phone was released in 2009 and then with the emergence of new technology Samsung launched tablets in 2010. This company has …

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Lenovo Technology

Lenovo a Chinese word named as (Leh-no-voh) and termed as Lenovo. Lenovo is a multinational company in China, the headquarters are also in Morrisville, United States, Beijing and North Carolina. Lenovo manufactures and develops many personal computers, smartphones, servers, tablet computer, workstations, other electronic devices, smart televisions and IT management …

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