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Google New Safety App Ensures your Safety

Well a lot of new ideas are coming up these days and in the pool of new apps Google had made its new Safety app that allows your trusted contacts loved to keep track on you be it your family, close friends and people you trust. It is a simple …

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Oculus Touch VR Is In Market Now

Gamers are well aware of Oculus Rift and other Controllers that are already available in market. Well there is something new coming out from Oculus that is related to controllers though there are many solutions available in market but they believe that their solutions is beyond all those solutions that …

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Samsung Note 7’s Cause of Catching Fire is Explained By Experts Now

Finally, an Explanation for Samsung’s Hazardous Phone Galaxy Note 7 Explosion, fires and accidents came out. Since its Launch everyone was amazed at features they announced in that phone it seemed really impossible to have all those features and extra stuff in with such short screen size. Report from manufacturing …

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