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Android and Apple technology Feature’s

Smart phones are deep-rooted in today’s society, and also the 2 biggest players within the smartphone market are the Android operating system by Google, and iOS by Apple. Neither OS was originally as user friendly as it is nowadays. Android originally, came with no virtual keyboard, an absence of the …

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Q Mobiles Z12-PRO

  As the Q-Mobile is the leading company among Pakistan and many other countries. It launched many mobiles, tablets, and smart devices every year with the latest technology. So, on the behalf of new technology and new software versions, this year Q-Mobile launches many new mobiles with amazing features. These …

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Apple technology Drawbacks

Some people like to use window phones, Android, Blackberry or some like to use Apple iPhones. But there are many advantages and disadvantage of every technology that are more irritating for their customers. The drawbacks of Apple technology include many factors such as this is the most costly technology, which …

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