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Time To Upgrade Your Viber App To Enjoy New Features

Mobile apps are going through major updates these days and recently a lot of social media apps just added new features for their users. From Snapchat, Instagram to WhatsApp things are getting upgraded before new years arrives and feels like they all had planned to make your new year more …

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Solar Roads Activated in France

France is coming up plans to utilize solar technology in new way, they had just built a road 1 km long which is known to be as solar road. This road project is deployed in Normandy, France for 2 year testing period and this is not some idea but real …

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Artificial Leaves Will Work As Mini Medicine Factory

Plants use photosynthesis to feed themselves,  some industrial chemists are able to replicate this same process by building a solar leaf due to reason that sunlight normally generates less energy to generate chemical reactions. The whole photosynthesis process was taken as an inspiration to replicate leaf that will generate solar …

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