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Top 10 Android Games – Best games to look out for in 2017

Everyone is witnessing the advancement in technology. Every year; the number of applications and games are being introduced in the android operating system. People are spending more time in playing games on mobile phones instead of playing on Xbox, Playstation or on computers. Below is the list of top ten …

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HTC U Ultra Review – First Touch Panel Phone Releases in May

HTC is renowned for making high-quality smartphones and tablets. From past years, they have launched below par products in the market and due to this, their market share has been drifted to other companies. HTC U Ultra 2017 is their attempt to cover up lost ground and they have introduced …

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Hidden Functions on the Samsung Galaxy S8

The many rumors revealing everything you needed to know about the Galaxy S8, did not blunt the appeal of the conference and the announcement of the product. Samsung has benefited from an excellent media relay for its new machine, which will have the task to make to forget the Note7. …

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