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YouTubers Are Making Millions Just By Recording Usual Stuff They Do

Back in 90s when there were no YouTube and social media sites and no advanced features that we see today but there were many games available back then in that time which today may seem of less interest to people but were great deal and people used to play them whole time there was hype about them, what if their videos back then were recorded like today and streamed on live TV they would surely had made millions out of it like we see today.

Imagine someone from 90s reads a news that a man makes 15 million Dollars a year just for playing video games and do funny commentary on it, they would surely look at his calendar first is it April fool’s day today or would had totally ignored that news. Forbes Released highest paid YouTube stars list.

The man who topped in list is PewDiePie. What he do whole time is that hey plays games record their videos do funny commentary on that, overreacts and make some jokes on it and makes 15 million USD a year for doing all that stuff.

Number two on the list was, Roman Atwood, got fame from prank clip made on YouTube named ‘Epic Cooler Prank’  where he dumps an empty water cooler on people walking the streets just five years ago, today he’s a millionaire and has earned 8 million USD in 2016.

Further details in list shows different types of YouTubers covering their thoughts and gaining audience all over world most of them cover topics such as Games, Rapping, Singing, Vines, Mashup Videos, Makeup and any popular need for public is met there and generates millions for them.

Looks like we should consider a career change after learning such facts about people making millions just out of recording from things they like to do and love to do mostly.

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