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Uber gives Passengers option to send Gratitude Stickers for Drivers

Uber is well known for their Cab services where every rider can call their nearby drivers and get towards their destination but something new had come up from their side that they are working on it and an update will soon be available.

Uber had recently agreed to pay 84 million $ because there were lawsuits against them in 2013 that either their drivers are freelancer or employees. Uber had always avoided to mention their drivers as employees or giving them such treatment. Although it lost a sizeable chunk of money in those settlements, Uber saved itself a lot more in employee benefits, expense reimbursements and fleet maintenance costs.

Uber app update will let passengers to thank their their riders with Stickers. This new feature will allow passengers to send stickers mentioning their best points after their ride with them service stickers like clean space, good music and keeping them in good company along their way will be available in their apps homepage .This is nice thing to know about their  client gratitude update for drivers this will surely motivate the guys driving all day carrying passengers ,they can do more to let people show their appreciation for the cab drivers nearby. they can add more features like giving tips to drivers.

Compliments will not simply remain an only feature, but instead they had made clear that they will make the way for more benefits for drivers in the future.


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