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The TOP 10 Best Gadgets Launched in 2017

Today is the modern era that is of science and technology. In the recent years, there had been a great and tremendous change in the technology.

There is the new interesting tech under the head of ” new technology gadgets 2017 “.These are the new gadgets for men that have been launched last week at the annual CES gadget expo. Take a look at the top most interesting gadgets:

 10. Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller ( 2017 )

The lenovo™ 500 multimedia controller is launched to use a PC anywhere and has solved the problem of using it in just your living room and sit on it. The Lenovo has sold the miniature keyboard and mouse combo individually before, but now they’ve just combined them into a single controller that serves both. Lenovo 500 multimedia controller backlit is the little bit smaller than a keyboard, but the fact is that you can click, swipe, and makes it an interesting, and little gadget for your room.

9. Polaroid Pop ( 2017 )

 The new gadgets in 2017 Invention which is one of the most promising—the Polaroid Pop. You can use it to print right just like a traditional Polaroid and save the image digitally as well.The significance in Polaroid pop review is that the Pop has some of the impressive specs & features, most notably the 20-megapixel camera and a 3.97-inch LCD touch screen for navigation as well.

8. Motiv Fitness Ring ( 2017 )

Smart rings have been around us for a while, but this new interesting motiv ring app seems like one of the most tremendous. The outstanding invention, In motiv ring review it contains a 3-axis accelerometer can do all kinds of different tracking: activity type, active minutes, activity intensity, the sleep duration, tracking heart rate, counting calories, measuring distances, and so on. The new Motive ring has also waterproof feature.

7. Seven Hugs Smart Remote ( 2017 )

Now in 2017, The Seven Hugs Smart Remote introduces that idea and puts it in the discourse of your entire home.  Essentially it knows what or where smart device you are pointing at.From there, you can turn things on or off or adjust and maintain settings of these smart remote app.

6. Fove Eye-Tracking VR Headset (2017 )

In fove VR review, One of the most impressive and interesting conceptual ideas at the show was the Fove Eye-Tracking VR Headset, which does exactly according to your wishes. By moving your eye, this VR headset could help prevent motion sickness and present the virtual worlds in the most realistic way. It also performs some more practical functions in VR such as navigation through menus and games.

5. NVIDIA Shield TV (2nd Generation) ( 2017 )

The 2nd generation Shield TV does exactly the way as it should be. First of all, the actual device is much smaller and unique than its predecessor—and also comes with the game controller packaged in at no cost. NVIDIA Shield tv specs contain features of which include support for Google Assistant, HDR capabilities and more, GameStream in HDR, support for the PC/Mac GeForce Now update, and much more.

4. Misfit Vapor ( 2017 )

We always love the Misfit Shine, a little wearable for fitness tracking. Now, Misfit is finally diving into the smartwatch game with the Misfit Vapor. Like Misfit previous products, the Misfit Shine largely focuses on minimalism with its 1.39-inch AMOLED display. On top of that, Misfit has long battery life on juts a single charge, as well as waterproof capability.

3. HTC Vive Tracker (2017)

HTC has been doing to fully immersive VR experience and progress.HTC now introduced the Vive Tracker, which is a little device that can hypothetically turn anything into a virtual item. The significance is that you can turn a baseball bat or a toy gun into an item in a game or VR.

2. Xiaomi Mi Mix ( 2017 )

We hope that you may have never heard of this bezel-less phones. In Xiaomi Mi mix review, it bears a footprint around the same size as a traditional 5.5-inch smartphone, but the actual display is 6.4 inches around. Based on some of the leaks we’ve seen about the iPhone 8, it may have already put its fingerprint on the market.

1. Dell Ultrasharp 8K Display (2017)

 Dell has been doing a lot of interesting things right in the last few years and This is a 32-inch monitor contains a resolution of 4320 x 7680, which alone should make your mind blowing. The numbers might not be important to you, but this Dell 8k monitor display really is a great invention that is sure to catch the attention of the running industry of 2017.

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