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This Fancy Bluetooth Speaker Fabriq is quite interesting

Alexa-powered Speaker works on Bluetooth and there were no such portable variety of these speakers available in market, we have already seen portable speakers like Echo and Google Home but they don’t work on Bluetooth and have such use of it what if there is no Wifi or internet connectivity available what good use would they be ? that what Fabriq covers.

What does it look like? well its covered with fabric looks more like a small purse to put coins or jewels in it giving it fancy look and you will not expect it’s a speaker owing to its cylindrical fabric covered design. The Concept is Simple and there is not much hype about technology in it its simple and wont talk what can I do. It is Easy to Set up and has options from switching from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth just tap between both choices. First thing to do is Download Fabriq app for iOS or Android press a button on the device, and go through a few steps in the app. Next thing is Pairing and this will take few Minutes.

WI-FI Connectivity is exactly similar to Echo but the best thing about this gadget is that you can connect more than one devices at time and play your music, set up stereo arrange them in ways you like and voice control feature in it let you control it but it works for WI-FI only.  Sound is pretty good has equalizer setting that allows to set up users the way they prefer it to sound. It is a bit slower than Echo Dot but responds to commands very well but you have to tap speaker every time to give commands, its main selling point is its integration with Alexa.

With it’s ultimately very competitive with other portable speakers in the 50$ range. If you are looking for Bluetooth speaker in 50$ it is best thing to look for and it performs very well apart from its draw back of walking over it again and again to tap and give voice commands.




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