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Super Mario Breaks Records Despite Rumors

Super Mario release and its impact was awesome for all gamers who had played or known this character know how popular it was in early days. Sadly, some negative reviews came out recently and despite all of this negative atmosphere it has collected 40 million downloads in 4 days.

If we compare this number with Pokémon Go it’s a win, Pokémon Go captured 25 million downloads in 11 days while Mario had 40 million in 4 days. Just look at that figure you can guess just less than a week Mario has made that mark, but lets not forget Pokémon go availability in initial days was in limited locations globally.

Well its really surprising to hear Nintendo game is shattering records, this fact has given the success of game overtaking Pokémon Go on first day rumors to be true and is continuing breaking records. Well Nintendo itself revealed their accomplishment in their press release, claiming to top App in free category from 140 out 150 countries and their markets where they are available. Further they also revealed to provide access modes to users if they purchase game.

Apart from all negative reports claiming that they are not going to add anything new in it and will be same old game with all old stuff in it, this current press release has closed all negativity with addition of one multiplayer mode update last day that will allow users to compete with friends without any payment for Rally Tickets.

Super Mario Run is available on iOS and remains exclusively for it now but there are bigger chances of its availability on Android Phones too.




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