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How to Send Payments Through Facebook Messenger

Recently, a new feature has been added to the Facebook messenger that is more easy and secured way to send or receive money among friends, family and colleagues. The feature will be rolled out in the upcoming months in the United States. Its very easy and convenient way for business transactions as well.

To send money Through Messenger :
First of all, Start a message with a friend or whom you want to send money.
After that, simply tap the $ icon and enter the amount of money that you want to send.
And then tap the Pay button at the top right by adding your debit card. Your money will be sent securely.

To receive money Through Messenger :
Firstly, open the conversation of the person or your friend whom you want to receive money from.
Right after, tap the Add Card button in the message by adding your debit card to accept and receive money for the very first time.


The amount of money you send is securely transferred right away and takes just one to three months to make the amount of money available to you which depends on your bank just like the other bank transactions or deposits.
Secured Network To Send And Receive Money::
Sending or receiving payments through messenger is a dependable and trustable process for the game players and advertisers since 2007. Facebook deals with more than one million transactions regularly on its site and manages all of the payments processed on Messenger as well.

It corporates with the best security practices into our payments and thus business has obviously been their first priority. They utilize convenient and secured systems which encrypt the connection and communication between you and the Facebook and your card information as well when it asks the permission to store and save that just for you.
The strong layers of software and hardware protection is used which is fully contained on industry standards. The payments methods and ways are stored in a secured environment that is completely separate and individual from the other parts of the social network of Facebook which is handled under the additional security of monitoring and authority control. To keep the account safe, a skilled team of anti- fraud specialists regulates and monitor for suspicious purchase and doubtful transaction activity.

You will need to add a Visa or MasterCard debit card which issued by the US bank to your account when you receive or send money for the very first time. When you add a debit card once, you can create a PIN to provide additional security for the next time you send or receive money. You can also enable Touch ID on iOS devices. Moreover, another layer of authentication can be added to your account at any time. The newly payments feature will be rolling out in the upcoming months in the United States across the Desktop, Android, and iOS devices. In case, you don’t have your Messenger installed in your Android devices, you can also use this feature on your Computer.

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