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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Its Importance

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization mostly called SEO is the process of getting, improving, and affecting the visibility of a website in the web search engines


It is the procedure of getting or increasing the quantity or quality of traffic to your website through the search engine organic results.


Why Is Seo Important?

In this early modern competitive market, SEO has more significance and importance than ever before. Organic Search engines are serving millions of users per day searching for answers to their questions or looking for solutions to their problems.

If you possess a blog, Web or an Online Store, SEO can help your business grow faster by fetching more traffic and meeting the business objectives.

Search engine optimization is essential for the social promotion and advancement of your website. People who search for your website by searching its Google or Yahoo are more likely to publicize it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media sites.

It is more important for the fast running of a big website, blog or an online store. Websites having more than one author/writer can get benefit from SEO in the direct and indirect ways. Their direct benefit includes the extension in search engine traffic results and their indirect benefit includes having a frequent framework (checklists) to use just before publishing content on your site.


Main Stages Of SEO:

There are two stages of search engine optimization as:

  1. On-Page Seo
  2. Off-Page Seo

On-Page SEO:

It is basically the rules to be applied on your website or blog in order to rank it higher and better in the search results. Moreover, the whole structure and design of your site play an important role for the best ranking.

Off-Page SEO:

It involves the promoting of a website or a blog by several different techniques so that it can rank higher and better in the search results. In other words, Off-Page SEO is building links to promote the site but there are many other better ways to promote it than building links.

Link Building :

Link building OR link-building indicates the procedure of getting external pages to link to a page on your website or blog. It is one of the most useful tricks used in search engine optimization (SEO). This process is a little bit difficult, time-consuming as not all of the links are generated equally.

What Are Backlinks?

The incoming links to a web page are called the backlinks.


The process in which you link your web page to another page is called a backlink. In the Past years, backlinks were considered as the major tool for the higher ranking of a web page. The page having many backlinks appeared to rank higher on all major significant search engines, including Google and that’s still literal to a large extent.


Keywords Role In SEO:

Your SEO keywords are the fundamental step in the process of raking your web page higher. Keywords are important for your web content that make it quite possible for visitors to find your site through search engines. Any website that is properly and well optimized for search engines speaks the same language as its prospective visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site. Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO.

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