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Google’s drone delivery system project is likely to be derailed

Google’s drone delivery system project idea was unveiled earlier this year and since then they claimed that this autonomous flying robot could deliver anything from place A to Place B and there were many potential claims made about its use. Alphabet is Google’s parents company and revealed their ambitious plan for marketplace where they said that they plan to make a device which can deliver coffee to bottle of wine in just few minutes using their drone delivery service. They said that this service is scheduled to launch in 2017 after getting approval from FAA for testing unmanned vehicles.

There is report from The Wall Street Journal that moonshot X division from Google’s Alphabet is going to face trouble in coming months. In this report an ex employee of X told them that their launch plan will be held back and said the main goal for autonomous drone was to fly successfully and reach from one point to another 1000 times without facing any incident, but in fact the reality is that they managed to complete only 300 successful attempts and could not pass more than that number. Most of problems faced by autonomous drone were power failures, getting off track, landing in trees, wandering off or lands in grass. problems are part of process after Alphabet is not Aircraft Manufacturing company.

Since Alphabet began performing test for Starbucks, Whole Foods Market items, and Domino’s Pizza there were many successful attempts made, Alphabet delivered first Burrito from Chipotle, to a student at Virginia Tech. thought Starbucks has pulled out of negotiations over disagreements over access to consumer data according to Bloomberg.

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