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Faraday Future had Released Front End of Their Electric Vehicle

FFZERO01 is 1000 bhp concept electric car was unveiled by new brand Faraday at CES last month. Concept Car had sleek design and it is believed to be in production this year. After multiple conflicting reports and rumors about its release, there is finally an email from the company that reveals first official glimpse of front end of car. There was already a teaser out about this concept and much rumors had then been spread.

Autoblog  has reported that this picture is not enough and there is much to be revealed yet and has not been revealed  as picture went out to media and multiple reports are coming out. Picture shows that production vehicle’s some part of bonnet, a headlamp and logo of Faraday attached to catchy looking front grill of car, logo pattern looks well affiliated with company logo FF and looks like FF is written reversely and is highlighted in centre.

The best and most attractive feature of this whole Concept is its headlamp. Concept has a LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) in it front curve and headlamps are hidden under it. Well its obvious that his front look will remain as identification of Faraday further model and might be known as signature look of car.

Since Teaser was out it came under attack of bad publicity around Faraday Future vehicle factory in Nevada. Apart from every conflicting reports and fuss in online reports about car if we look at the leaked videos surfacing on internet, we hope sooner or later we all might be looking at 4 door car with rear hatch and it will compete with Tesla’s SUV Model X than sedan.


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