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Dash-i MicroSD Reader

If you want that never run out of storage and try to take pictures or want to make a video but have no chance to store these items immediately even you spend money on your mobile to place all these items. To solve all these problems, there is a MicroSD card reader for Android and iPhone devices that can provide you unlimited external storage for Android devices. This reader has much space for your music, pictures, videos and for any other type of file that you want to save in PC, digital camera or even in Mac.

If you want to charge your iPad or iPhone during a movie, which is stored in Micro SD. This is not a big issue, Dash-I Micro SD has a USB charging port through which you can use your device and charge it whole the time. This is just a mobile expandable storage provider. There are different Dash-I types of Micro SD reader. Dash-I and Dash-I plus will be certified by Apple Inc for iPod, phone and other devices. There is a guarantee of this compatible device to store all data in IOS and also have lightening port.

MicroSD Card: Unlimited, universal Storage, small and cheap    

The Micro SD reader is designed instead of making a USB drive because Micro SD is the best device to enhance the storage of your devices. It is universal, you can use it with any device like tablets, digital camera, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It is also used at everywhere to store data immediately.

Design: Simplistic, Elegant, compact

It is designed as a simple soul by product. There are also different designs of Dash-i. This is a very small device that is refreshing and also stands out in rest of available stuff. It is also elegant and compact, easy to carry everywhere.


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