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AT&T Is Launching its TV Streaming Service

AT&T is America’s oldest satellite communication services provider. Last year when news came out that they are buying DirecTV caught attention of Tech Guru’s, speculations and analysis were made that AT&T has decided to make its presence in online Entertainment services.

AT&T now is all set to launch a complete TV Streaming service, probably they will take over cable service and will give hard time or maybe take on other services available to consumers already. Service has same name ‘DirecTV’ and even had given same fancy named packages from its existing Content. It is set to launch by the end of this November.

List of Packages include these services.

  • Live a Little     – 35 $ / month and has more than 60 channels
  • Just Right        – 50$ / month and has more than 80 channels
  • Go Big            – 60$ / month and has more than 100 channels
  • Gotta Have it   – $70 / month and has more than 120 channels
  • HBO and Cinemax (additional charges of 5$ for each)

There is nothing clear about what channels will be available on their streaming as there is no information out there to know about it, though major Media networks such as ESPN, AMC, Disney, Discovery and more are included and there are negotiation going on with CBS and Showtime but there is no public information because DirecTV website is not live.

It’s a fresh start and they had given a 7-day free trial and prepaid deals offers for different devices. The best Package is available for 35$ per month for limited time and wont go off until you cancel subscription.

DirecTV are also making sure that their service is currenlty available on iOS, Android, Amazon TV, Apply TV and Chromecast PC but its not available yet on Android TV but services may start in 2017 later for them.


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