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Arrow a Drone Unveiled in IDEAS 2016 Has Great Features

We have heard of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) but now this UAV’s can b both Piloted by a single Pilot Flying it or can be remotely controlled  like all traditional UAV’s.

A Private Organization in Pakistan known as Integrated Dynamics had revealed their UAV ‘Arrow’ at IDEAS 2016 held this Month in Karachi, Pakistan. Integrated Developments manufactures UAV’s, offer consultancy and solutions. Last year they developed ‘Burraq’ UAV with strike capability.

According to different reports and defense analysts this is major addition on native country’s defense needs to counter insurgency and most talked Project CPEC a Silk Route Project between China and Pakistan a big Economic corridor with major economic zones covering all states in it.

At IDEA’s 2016 Display Stall Chief Executive of Integrated Dynamics claimed,

“Arrow can stay operational in air for 15 hours with or without pilot , such features are not available in other UAV’s at such low cost , its price is not much more than a valued SUV”

“It can be remotely controlled within 150 miles’ radius, but if it is in operation via Satellite, then its range is unlimited you can fly it at any part of world while sitting in Karachi”

“The best civilian application of the long range aerial surveillance aircraft {Arrow} is that it is capable of monitoring and making secure trade via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” he added

Arrow is a great deal for civilian projects intending to operate in tough conditions and need surveillance lets say in Africa a UN Mission can easily operate and send Medicines / Ration or any other Aid more than that managing crowds planning and early warning of coming threats to ensure safety of people working there all of this with cheapest operational cost and making risk of life issue manageable for Organizations even it can also be used in operations for geological and agricultural needs.

Further its Night Flying Capability is also a great feature just set up route plan and it will fly itself to one point to other carrying a passenger or goods with weight up to 330 lbs. This UAV can be made ready for piloting in one hour , can be packed in standard 20 feet container / loaded on truck


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