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Apple Advertises for Stickers Found in iMessage

New Apple advertising. It concerns neither the iPhone nor the iPad, it lingers … to the stickers. They have been found in iMessage since the arrival of iOS 10.

In its advertising, Apple has appealed to several people who come to stick stickers on other people essentially, as well as on certain objects or walls. It is only after 40 seconds that you see an iPhone and an iMessage conversation. Four stickers are used here, including Minnie.

We see that Apple wants to remind users that the stickers exist so that they benefit. As a reminder, anyone can create stickers, be it an individual, a developer or a studio like Disney. With the immense popularity of instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, it was time for Apple to give a luster to iMessage. This is done with the launch of iOS 10 on September 13 (so far available in beta for developers).

The launch of an app store dedicated to iMessage occurred against the backdrop of iOS 10 launch for the general public. This is a store different from the one reserved for applications for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). It allows finding their many extras intended to be added to the messages in iMessage on iOS 10.

It can also be the very in vogue stickers, images, GIF, even small games to have fun with its correspondents. There are packs of stickers from iconic companies such as Disney or Bandai Namco. But, one of the very first packs of stickers to appear there is of course with the effigy of the famous plumber Moustache Mario. A logical sequel to the announcement by Shigeru Minamoto (the son of Mario and Zelda) in the person of an endless runner for iOS (it will arrive later on Android) called “Super Mario Run” at the keynote Apple of September 7th.

By way of illustration, the Japanese mobile messaging application Line gets $ 20 million a month, simply by selling packs of stickers.

But, iMessage also benefits from other well-received novelties. There are now bigger emoticons, visual effects, handwritten messages, drawing tools and the ability to drag music from Apple Music.

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