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7 Ways to Promote Your Instagram For Free

Instagram has rapidly outgrown its first impression as an entertaining and fun app for everyone but recently become a serious platform for networking, marketing, and building audience. Instagram is one of the biggest and popular social networking sites.

Check out the following tips to increase your Instagram followers:

  1. Choose Hashtags:

Choose the best-known hashtags to increase Instagram followers, for example, #FF (Follow Friday), #l4l (Like for like) and so on. Just tell your story in one creative hashtag.

  1. Make your Bio URL:

In order to get more followers, you’ll have to make your bio and link it to your homepage of your site. Keep updating your bio every week.

  1. Write description with Your Captions:

Whenever you post a picture on Instagram, write some description about it along with its captions so that it might not be boring to your followers.

  1. Delete Unwanted Tagged Posts:

If you are serious to promote your Instagram profile or promote your brand through Instagram, then delete all of the irrelevant tagged posts from your profile.

  1. Approve Photo Tags:

You can approve every time when some one tags you in his post. Just go to Settings, in options of “Photos Of You”, select “Add Manually”.

  1. Create Your Username Simple and Searchable:

Make your username of Instagram simple and easy to search to promote Instagram. Don’t use any symbols in your username. Choose according to your brand or company name.

  1. Design Your Instagram Style:

Design your Instagram in a unique style so that your followers recognize it every time when they see your Instagram style in their newsfeed.

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