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Blink New Security Brand Is Ready for Shipping

News from Blink is coming out about their new full fledge complete home security ecosystem that is supported by their own Blink XT and Blink cameras, making it difficult for any one who is trying to break in house. These new security products come under Blink’s new “Seecurity” brand. Work it do include detection of flooding and issuing its warning by using their water sensor products, with a keypad for arming or disarming it, has siren with motion detection, manual triggers and upon entry through a door or window sensors senses if any attempt is made and warns owner with powerful 105 db siren. The new thing about that system is its backup plan if power is out battery powered module known as Sync module will sync all systems keeping it connected with 4G data network in absence of power and internet. Blink has assembled everything in kits Q2 and products are ready for shipping you can also choose your individual products online from stores selling their products or from their own site. That backup plan has 4G service and owner have to pay extra money for that service keep that in mind as well you have to pay for services even if you are not using it.

Blink’s security service plan includes and supports maximum use of 10 cameras, but basic package only serves 5 cameras, and if you need to add extra cams other than basic 5 you need to pay an extra 2$ fees every month to subscribe and take services for extra security and surveillance, their services will work on basic package even if you have not yet paid for extra products and security integration into basic system using you existing Wifi Sync modules.

“Seecurity  Service Plans” 9.99 $ / Month Plan 19.99 $ / Month Plan
4G Cellular Connection with Battery Backup for Data and Video           Included           Included
Security Hardware Kit Support Plan: Siren, Keypad, Motion Sensor, Water Sensor           Included           Included
Monitoring Service Self-monitoring 24/7 Third Party Professional Monitoring


Blink security packages include:

  • Starter Seecurity Kit ($339) for new customers includes: 1 Blink Camera, 1 Blink XT Camera, 1 Enhanced Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Keypad.
  • Upgrade Seecurity Kit ($149) for existing customers includes: 1 Enhanced Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Keypad.
  • Available Q2 of 2017.

Blink’s startup has already shipped 250,000 cameras last year in 2016 and for such large shipment orders and previous records it seems things are underway for them. Their first project was started last year with single product, that was a small indoor camera connected with Wifi network and was powered by 2 AA batteries with lasting life of 2 years or even more than that, it was rather cheaper but a great solution.

The new solution is sold in form of bundles includes that includes a Blink camera and Wi-Fi Sync module at rate of 99 $, 2 cameras at cost of 169 $, three cameras with 229 $, five cameras with cost of 349 $, each additional camera comes up cost of 75 $ and recently they added Blink XT their weatherproof outdoor camera that comes with cost of 119 $ each. So in case of applying for your house safety do calculate your needs and cost as you can have a clear idea about how things work with Blink.


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