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2016 was full of Startup Companies Acquisition by Giants

This year had been a great year for new startups and was full of surprises and major happenings in field of Information Technology. Most of startups that took place this year were meant for one purpose just make some mark in market and wait for an offer from Tech Giants or make a public announcement for Exit. There are two strategies taken by startups start IPO offers or find someone to acquire it.

Its Just like Fishing Startups these days for Big organizations, corporate is full of young tech startup companies and is rising everyday. Just have a look at list of startup who made deals this year.


Harman is electronic company that manufacturers Audio systems and Equipment’s for automobiles is acquired by Samsung a well known Giant for its Electronics and smartphones throughout world. Samsung acquired Harman for 8 Billion USD just for Samsung’s interest on connected car concept. This Deal is far the biggest one made this year.


Yahoo! A well known and old name for every person who had used internet in early days. It was also a startup in early days and been years its struggling on its declining revenues struck a deal with Verizon and sold itself for 4.4 billion USD. Well at least we can still see yahoo and use our old emails accounts. This would end it as an organization but system would remain active as yahoo brand.


LinkedIn is the first of the big social media sites to be acquired by an old and well known tech company called Microsoft. This is Microsoft’s biggest acquisition and we can expect some thing big is coming out from this professional networking app.


Just to get in competition with amazon and its growing influence in market Walmart took this seriously and has acquired jet.com just to get themselves in ecommerce market and take maximum benefits out it.


CNN Acquired and hired both a video sharing app named Beme. The purpose of deal is hire Casey Neistat to make innovative upgrades for CNN.


Pebble was great startup intended to make wearable for common public , it was a great success story and this year a lot of wearable are still coming out competition space is getting less when you hear Snapchat name Fitbit considered that as threat and bought Pebble for 40 million USD closing it down.


Mattel is a 71 years old toy manufacturing company that acquired Sproutling a startup focusing on toddler wearables intended for toddler health and related things with it. The sole purpose of acquisition was to induct future technology into Mattel learning products.


Snapchat acquired Bitstrips in March 2016 for $100 million, it is a well known thing for old Facebook users, Snapchat has converted them into their app as ‘bitmoji’.


Uber acquired the self-driving technology company OTTO  in August 2016. The deal is also significant because Uber is very closer to realizing its autonomous service strategy and is thinking on self driving a lot for their future plans.



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