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10 Ways To Promote and Maintain Your New Facebook Page

There are many different ways to promote your facebook page some of which are free and some of them are paid. Let’s have a look at them.
1.Invite Your Contacts and Friends on your Page:
When promoting your facebook page, It’s good to invite your friends on the Facebook page but you should send an invitation request only once because if you repeatedly do this, your contacts will be fed up and ignore your request.
2. Facebook Like Box:
To promote your facebook page , you should add a LIKE box to your page just by changing your settings in “Edit Page”.

3.Update Your Page regularly:

Daily updating your page attracts fan interest who tell others and invite others to ur page resulting in your page marketing.

4.Allow fans to ask questions:

The best way to promote your page is by connecting to your fans and allowing them to give their feedbacks, ask questions and comments.

5.Add Links to Other Sites:

You can also add links to other sites relating to your page stuff and information.

6.Create an advertisement on your page:

For Page marketing, you can also create an advertisement on ur page which is actually a paid way for page promoting.

7.Set Your Audience:

Here, you can set and maintain the audience of your choice such as age, gender, location etc.

8.Make your budget:

The budget that you choose here would be your daily budget.

9.Make moderator or admin:

By making more moderators and admins, your Fb page will be promoted more easily and quickly .

10.Tag In Your Youtube Videos:

If you make videos related to your Fb page, you can also add the link of your page at the end of your youtube videos.

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