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YunOS is Taking over iOS in Mainland China

YunOS is the Operating System for Cellphones is developed by Alibaba Group with intentions to replace Apple iOS Smartphones. Already phones running on YunOS had made their mark in market snatching 14 % market share in mainland China by the end of this year already , with same pace they are taking lead ahead of Apple iOS. YunOs is now holding its place as second most used OS in market.

Even after such great impact in market many analysts believe that it will remain in limited circle within China and outside it will not make a mark and will be limited to run on cheap smartphones. Forecasts can confirm already that it has surpassed iOS on mainland in 3 months since end of march earlier this year, this verifies Alibaba’s claim they made about taking over iOS.

Last month at Alibaba’s cloud computing conference held in Hangzhou, YunOS product director Aiden Yong said: “We want YunOS to be the ‘goto’ operating system for China’s smart industry.”

YunOS is already adapted by Alibaba to to be used as Operating System for TV set top boxes, home appliances, tablets, Smart Tv’s , smart cars and even robots. Main suppliers of YunOS are Meizu, XiaoLaJiao and Doov all of these are backed by Alibaba. Estimations made by experts back projections made by Alibaba earlier this year that YunOS smartphones shipments this year will to be more than 100 million units.

Offers such as subsidy are given to set-box makers to encourage them to adopt YunOS for example a single set box will be available between 20 to 60 Yuan, this facility will give benefit to small manufacturers to get in flow.


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