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Why is Windows 10 Anniversary Update an Issue for some window Phone users ?

A Big Chunk of windows phone are running on Threshold 2, and a Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update had just come out.

If you are a windows user and cannot upgrade to windows 10 anniversary update, then for such users Microsoft has rolled out a new build 10586.682 , The users who are on Threshold 2 this build was compiled on November 8 2016. Threshold 2 users actually are those users who are using Microsoft phones and whenever they try to update to Windows 10 Anniversary version they fail to do so it’s a barrier between update and user every time they try to do so.

We don’t know why did they released that build 10586.682 they never made an official announcement about that and this update like all past updates will only give under the hood updates like some updates and bug fixing rather than the new features as assumed by Windows phone users to be exact like the one in Windows 10 Anniversary update. So this is totally an Odd news for Threshold 2 uses.

Well this Build is anyways good for users who had already forced update on older phones and installed Windows 10 on devices like Lumia 921,1020 etc. and if there are users with older phones and are running 10586 these users can also benefit from this build update and use it. This build is not for those users who had already upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary update and running it will not receive this build update.




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