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WhatsApp Launched Its Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp after long time has finally realized to upgrade and add features that matches it competition Apps in market, just after Facebook got ownership of WhatsApp it felt that this app will be closed there were no major upgrades coming in it. But now WhatsApp is preparing to launch video calling for its users worldwide estimated to be 1 Billion on cross platforms supporting it. It feels like its getting ready for a Competition with FaceTime which only provides services to iOS users where WhatsApp serves all platforms this will give surely a tough time to its competition involving shift of users from FaceTime to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp still has a massive users and the addition of the feature surely will help stop them to shift to other messaging and calling platforms. WhatsApp holding its cross platform support because is one of the reasons that users will use video calling in its app.

“we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks,” the company said in its Statement today.

There are series of reports from people who recently found the feature had been enabled in beta versions of WhatsApp on Android and on Windows Phone that clearly indicates that this feature Update is about to get on all phones.

Users like old times can hit call button on top Corner of Conversation with an additional option do you wish to make a video or voice call where you just need to choose yours and call your friend or anyone who you had conversation with. You can choose between your cams during conversation depending on need, mute call or hang-up. WhatsApp iOS and Android app version features may differ in picture sizes or button placements.

This feature may not take effect immediately but its working has been demonstrated in beta version and will arrive soon over the days making tough time for Apple FaceTime and may effects its phone users class shifting to WhatsApp.


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