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Play NES Classic Edition Now Using Bluetooth Accessory

Most of Gamers are familiar with issues they receive every time while playing games on their controller, NES Classic Edition is known to be a big deal for gamers who grew up playing classic games such as Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda it comes with 30 inbuilt games, most of gamers find that retro device as great tool to play.

Despite all of its good things in it there is a big major flaw in whole thing that is related to controller cable, it is so short that you have to sit face to face in front of TV. This whole scenario gets so uncomfortable that despite all its good things when you are forced to sit extremely close to your TV. Solution left was to buy an extension cable or buy a whole new controller that is really going to get owner annoyed a lot for a person who had already bought a device has to buy an extension or controller to use it comfortably.

Such Complaints had given 8 Bitdo’s Retro Receiver a chance to jump in remove the concept of wires and add a wireless receiver that connects both controller and receiver using Bluetooth. It comes with remote that has two shoulder button and has two face for adding another controller in use. It can connect any controller that supports Bluetooth with it.

This receiver will be available on Amazon from December 16th and onwards and costs around 40 $ which may sound a big amount to pay for it but it surely will save you from buying extra controllers and new wires otherwise. The cost is nearly close to NES itself but long run levels off all concerns of price tag.

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