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Microsoft is Working on Faster Method for Window’s Updates

If you are a Windows user and know that how difficult it gets for you to update it it takes such a long time that people get frustrated close it and are not able to use for 2 days or whole complete day you have to sit there whole time watching it like a baby and it seems like this windows update will take one day.

But Microsoft had realized that this problem is making people shift to other ways and having a hard line for its products. Microsoft is going to make an update process that will save all of its users from a headache of waiting for updates. UUP (Unified Update Platform) is new adopted way by Microsoft to make updates a lot smaller than their size, windows will download the only portion you need and will not cut all extra unnecessary updates from your most recent version.

Microsoft claim that this process will cut 35 % of extra size and burden to download them using this update technique. Further they claimed that they are reducing the size of their data set on client devices, they also added that now Windows 10 devices will now no longer be required to update them often for latest features if their previous ones are not that much old.

So this whole thing completely tell that there will be no change on client side rather the changes will take place on service side they all will look same just the difference will be that they will download much faster than they were ever before. This whole feature is currently under testing and is not available right now for general use until they test that completely on their systems first till then we have to wait for its availability in windows 10 Creators Update.


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