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Hyper Chiller Chills your Drinks in 60 seconds

Hyper Chiller is a device that cools your coffee in just one minute, it cost around 30 US $ and claims to chill your coffee. if you have a brewing machine and it’s a headache to wait till hot coffee cools down and you can enjoy an ice coffee, but now you can simple brew shift it to hyper chiller container. This device has a series of aluminum chambers packed in a large plastic container. Just pour water in outer and inner chambers and freeze it overnight. When ever you need to have you coffee just pour hot coffee on top just give some swirls and pour it your favorite mug . it can be used two times in a row before water in both containers melts.

We added a hot coffee in this device and within minute hot coffee turned into cold one it was not as cold as the one we are all used to but still works fine and if you need better results just chill the container for 120 seconds more in freezer and pour some ice on it and it will be as good as it should be ice doesn’t melt rapidly and it gives you pure taste of iced coffee.

Its not only meant for coffee we can use it cool down soft drinks, juice or water that were previously on room temperature and without adding ice cubes in it. As far as results are concerned it feels they are best at use with room temperature drinks from normal to chilled use. The best thing about it that without addition of ice cubes the taste and balance of whole drinks remains as it should be addition of ice which melts into water is not going to change its ingredients effect.



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