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Facebook Records Internet Outages Over the Globe

Today we’re going to talk about the facebook app. Nowadays almost everyone is using facebook and It keeps people connected from all around the world and let them meet new peoples and know about different cultures. People use facebook for business, making new friends, sharing the latest news and almost everything from decent posts to weird posts you will find everything on facebook.

Why facebook is important to Workers,Companies & Businesses?:

As you all know most of the work is done online nowadays and people use facebook for the living. Most of the Companies & Businesses nowadays prefer to advertise on facebook so they can spread their organization  more and more so people around the world can know about what they do or what their company or business is all about. So now you might have a question that “How they get benefits by posting advertisements on facebook and why is it worth wasting money on that?” So let me tell you. Once they get well-known or you can say famous then more and more people will get interested in buying the things from them or getting to know about that particular organization which will automatically increase the value of that organization and they will earn double than that they have spent on those advertisements and that is why it is worth to spend money on advertisements.

Black side of facebook and how it affects some of the countries around the world

As you all know If something like the terror attack or anything like that happens it first get posted on facebook and then that thing get viral very soon. Most of the people take advantage of this and they post propaganda on facebook which leads to riots or people get mad even though they are not sure if that is actually true or no and that is why nowadays it is actually hard to trust those type of posts. That is why the government of Egypt & Gabon keep the access of internet blocked during the political unrest and also in India the government temporary blocks the access of internet during the day the students are giving exams.

How the blockage of Internet affects facebook itself:

Finally we will be talking about how the blockage of the internet in different countries affect facebook. In a recent Brooking report, It was found that temporary Internet shutdowns cost $2.4 billion in 2015.

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