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Facebook Adds Instant Games Feature on Newsfeed and Messenger

Games on Facebook are already most popular and due to its connected features and multiplayer option is loved by users. But there is a major update on gaming feature is being developed by developers now you can instantly play games from your messenger and newsfeed.

This feature is called by most as Instant Game, it allows users to choose between their favorite games and start it up instantly by tap or clicking on it. These games are designed to be used on browser and takes minimum space, being based on HTML 5 they get loaded quickly and users can instantly access them. It is much similar to their Instant Articles feature for news. Currently this instant game feature is available in 30 countries on iOS and Android platforms.

You can choose between 17 games that are available on your Messenger / Newsfeed you can start by choose between these 17 options these options include all famous Retro games like Space Invaders, Pac Man, Galga , and 100 M Track and Field Words with friends (Word Game) is also among it as new option. This Feature will get more people to get more and more users to play using Facebook titles knowing the fact that rate of speed and simplicity used to run it. Users will not be bothered by loading and downloading time, then configurations and sharing settings.

You can see on Messenger app an icon under typing text box that there is an option for you to select titles, group conversation and view leaderboards with Friends and other Players you have on Facebook. These games will also be on your Newsfeed where you can challenge friends, discover new games and play instantly from it too.


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