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Artificial Leaves Will Work As Mini Medicine Factory

Plants use photosynthesis to feed themselves,  some industrial chemists are able to replicate this same process by building a solar leaf due to reason that sunlight normally generates less energy to generate chemical reactions. The whole photosynthesis process was taken as an inspiration to replicate leaf that will generate solar radiation using new materials used in it called luminescent solar concentrators that will copy nature efficiency applied with small channels used to pump liquid and to expose molecules to sunlight.

By using this process, we can make a lot of drugs compounds using solar energy anywhere we want, for example in Jungle we can make drugs to fight against malaria or even in space programs just by using this leaf and collection as power grid.

Leaf itself does not require any complex material, its made of silicon rubber where it can even operate in cloudy days or day when we receive less lights yet there are still things that need to be done to make it commercially affordable, Complex thing in that micro channels are used to extract chemical to expose it with sunlight and every unit is small it remains an issue but that’s not a big one if they are connected together it will increase production capability.

Research team are already working to increase its efficiency and ability to generate better results. This process will take 5 to 10 years to be available broadly.

Noel – Research Team member told Reuters

You can make a whole tree with many, many different leaves placed in parallel, these are very cheap things to make, so there is a lot of potential.

Plants have long been used an inspiration to generate innovations and been used to manufacture pharmaceuticals. Researchers are also cultivating crops that have been specially made to produce useful medicines and vaccines using their leaves.



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