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Apple’s Mac Technology

The apple’s profile, revenue and the price stock have been grown significantly. The apple’s revenue stock have been grown very fast as compared to Microsoft in the third quarter of those years. There are about 5.2$ billion cost on apple laptop and going to 10$ billions now a day. Apple laptop also introduced itools that is a set of web-based tools and it contains an email account, icard and services called ireviews that provides exciting columns and news for the customers. The apple laptop have new technology and many features which increased its demand. 

The apple laptop has the Mac predecessor and additional features which have instant and automatically push button services and send emails within seconds. The apple laptop controversy surrounded by the release of apple mobile and resulting in downtime significant longer release of these additions. So, the apple extended the subscriptions of mobiles and laptops and Mac books by additional services free of charge. Apple also announced the date cloud services in laptops that replaced by the other core services and are called MobileMe services. These services keep all the core services of MobileMe like dropping Disk, gallery and iweb. Moreover, the number of features also includes like Mac, itunes match, backup data and much more. The different features of apple laptop are listed here.

  • A very thin but strong aluminum case of laptop
  • An integrated Intel HD of 3000 graphics processor shaving full 3D support.
  • Two USB 2.0 ports.
  • A 45-watt AC power module.
  • A Multi-Touch track pad that is used for cursor control.
  • An optional external dual-layer-burning and slot-loading SuperDrive.
  • An optional wired Ethernet-to-USB adapter.
  • A lithium-polymer battery which provides up to 6 hours of wireless web access
  • The MacBook Air cable connections includes Analog headset
  • MagSafe power connector
  • Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort external video

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