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Apples IOS breaks 32-bit iPhone and iPad Apps

The owners of iPhone and iPad after downloading iOS 11 to their phones starting today, will discover that some of their old 32-bit apps don’t work anymore.

Moreover, Apple will not permit its users to download 32-bit apps in its App Store, effectively removing them off until the app developers update and upgrade their older apps to stand by the new 64-bit process, which runs to speed up apps and makes them more functional and usable on their newer iPhones and iPads.

While downloading iOS 11, the users will get a notification from their phone operating system, notifying that the specific app “needs to be updated”. Apple’s notification states that the app “will not work with iOS 11” and it will be blocked from use until it’s updated and upgraded.  However, Apple declared openly in the year 2015 that all of the new applications and updates would need to run and operate on 64-bit.


Apple declared last year that it would begin to notify users of older and outdated applications, and this year, decided to ultimately stop and terminate supporting the older programs and apps. Since last year, the iPhone and iPad users have only been informed that their older apps would “slow down” the devices but Apple would permit them to be used. Now, eventually, Apple has seen enough so therefore, is removing them in their tracks.

Apple’s iOS 11 will be accessible to use and for download starting today. The software is free of cost and the users will get a notification on their iPhones and iPads when it’s ready to be downloaded and to use.

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