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Apple and Samsung sales are dropping

Two Smartphones giants Apple and Samsung are loosing their ground on smartphone market, their sales have dropped less than a third of their total sales in these last months.

Samsung had faced biggest decline and biggest share loss in market from figure of 23.6 % to 19.2 % factors include competition from china and flop of its Galaxy note 7 devices among costumers with reports of fire and explosions caused by phone. China’s competition has also hit Apple Inc.

Samsung was forced to remove devices after complains of overheat causing explosions and bursting into flames which ended up to halt production of device , Samsung was forced to remove devices twice and in end they had to remove all Galaxy Note 7 devices and stopped its production last month.

On the other side Apple has lost its sales because there are less numbers of consumers who upgrade their device and less innovations has damaged its market share down from 13% to 11.5 % last year.

For the first time both Giants Apple and Samsung has seen their decline share of market since they had replaced legendary Nokia known as the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones of old times. While on other side Apple has launched iPhone 7 and its believed that damaged caused to Samsung reputation by Note 7 had cost them billions of dollars with its repute been damaged badly and its decline can result into permanent one.

Both company’s loss had been great opportunity for its Chinese competition Huawei, BBK, and Oppo, where Huawei grabbed its position as third biggest manufacturer of smartphones and its market share had been taken away.



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