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Yooka-Laylee : What to Expect From This Game

Introducing the new game Yooka-Laylee which is an upcoming 3D adventure video game developed by Play tonic games and published by team17 for Linux MacOS, Microsoft windows, play station 4 and Xbox one. Here team17 is working as a publisher. Yooka and Laylee both are two main characters of this game.

In December 2016, Platonic games confirmed the game will be available both digitally and retail worldwide on 11 April for all platforms. The UK develop has removed the controversial youtube Jon Tron from its upcoming title Yooke Laylee. After this the response of Jon Tron he wrote: “unfortunate to see Platonic remove me from Yooka Laylee, but I can understand their decision. I wish them the best to their launch.”  Jon Tron is the founder of channel network normal boots and even has its personal channel over 3 million subscribers.

 Jon Tron real name is Jon Jafari. Jon Tron is a talented video presenter and now the voice contributor of this game. Platonic announced at the end of 2016 that it had canceled the WII U version. This is due to the technical issues. This is because the play tonic team wants to explore every possible avenue.  Yooka Laylee’s demo is now available in Pc backers. Released date of this game is April 11, 2017.


  • Play station 4
  • Xbox one
  • Microsoft windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS

And it’s interesting to hear Yooka Laylee makers now going to some lengths to explain the many ways in which their game is not like Banjo.Yooka Laylee is now available to pre- order. The pre-order offer includes instant access to the Yooka Toy box Demo. Platonic and team17 also revealed today a new brand. One ear leaking thing is that the feature of this game Yooka Laylee will truly mouth watering.


In this game, Yooka and Laylee are traveling for the colorful and vibrant world. They are being chased by baddies and they need to fight these guys. And the main goal for characters has not discussed yet. Yooka and Laylee explore the worlds and complete their challenges. This game has the mode for two players. The Yooka character is the male character and Laylee character is the female character of this game.

  In this game Trouser is the character that Yooka and Laylee will be able to but two moves from.  There are a lot of enemies and bosses in the game and the main character of this game has to face them all. Hope you guys enjoy this game.

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