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“Pokémon Go” Game Guide & Cheats – Everything You Should Know

Nintendo and the other talented creators of Pokémon who are team members of Niantic Labs created the “POKEMON GO” game.

Pokemon go” is a new mobile phone game that is free on iOS and Android as well. It permits you to make an avatar that can snatch, drill, deal and fight Pokémon against characters inside the game.

This game is quite unique and interesting as it uses your Android/IOS phone location services and mobile camera so that you can snatch and grab Pokémon in real life. This is when you start walking around the streets of your city or town you live in, then your avatar starts moving inside the game. So discovering new Pokémon and checkpoints for the game requires you to escape the couch and march the block.

“Pokémon Go”  game uses Google Maps technology to spot your avatar in the practical world that reflects your real life environment and surroundings. When you discover a new Pokémon, the game uses expanding reality to get it look as you’ve pitched across is standing right there in front of you in your real life.

“Pokémon Go” Guide

 Let’s look at the Pokémon Go Guide to enjoy the game. This guide will help get you all from beginner to advanced Pokémon trainer, all levels up, and grab them all.

1. Selecting the Player

Pokémon Go is a different game from earlier because you have to make the character at the very beginning and select the player then achieve the experience that points to expand his or her level up.

2. Lucky Eggs

The next item is to levelling up the points by increasing the eggs points.

3. Catching Pokémon

When you Begin to play Pokémon Go game, you can choose one from three Pokémon as your first player. You must neglect the first three Pokémons. The three Pokémon players will follow you a little and then vanish away. Repeat it four times, and the other Pokemon will show up. Then you can grab it.


In Pokemon Go game, the player has just two moves options, an ordinary move and a specific move. When fighting with other Pokemon, the ordinary move will be utilized mostly, and the specific move needs to be used over time.

Pokémon Go Game Cheats

Pokemon go game players have been trying to achieve the high Pokemon points. So we have combined some of the cheats as under:

Catch Pikachu At the Start

First of all, When you begin to play the Pokemon go game, The basic options of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are given. But if you don’t satisfy with those options, there’s a new way of achieving Pikachu as a beginner.

Score More Coins At Gym By the Pokémon

All new coming players will discover themselves getting out of coins, which are used to purchase things, justly, and therefore, the control authority of gyms is very significant.

The Effect of Your Throw in Catching the Pokémon

The time when you get ready to catch the against Pokémon, Drag down on the PokeBall and a circle will cover the game. The circle colour shows how difficult of it is, with green which means easy, orange which means medium, and red which means hard.

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