Many of you may know and might have played this fantastic slasher game commonly named as Fruit Ninja that is no doubt one of the best mobile phone slasher games ever available on android. The only thing you have to do in this game is simply to slice some fruits that are showing up from the bottom. Just like every other video game’s console mods or cheat codes. There are some fruit ninja cheats as well, although it is not mentioned anywhere exactly how many cheats’ fruit ninja are available but there are unlockables like Blade or trophies or even achievement unlockables. Below list contains some of the very exciting android game fruit ninja cheats.

Just try to unlock these while playing this game,

Bamboo Shoot:

for this unlockable you have to play this game in Zen mode continuously 5 days in a row.



Butterfly Knife:

you are supposed to earn this by simply getting a strawberry with 40 Combos.

Flame Blade:

Getting this one is all about timing because you have to earn it by Slicing a combo instantly after the timer ends.

Ice Blade:

simply you just need to slice 20 frozen bananas in arcade mode to earn this blade.

Mr. Sparkle:

well you have to be some lucky while earning it, all it requires is slice 3 pineapples in a row but keep in mind to do it in classic mode.

Party Time:

for this you are required to slice every strawberry in arcade mode but make sure you don’t cut anything else except strawberry.

Piano Blade:

this is so simple you are just supposed to cut 100 criticals to unlock this.



Background Unlockable:

in order to unlock this simply you have to score 125 points in classic mode of this game but make sure you do it without dropping a fruit.

A part from this are some trophy achievements as well like Are you kidding, Tee Hee Hee, Combo Mambo, Bomb Magnet, Deja Vu, Connected Ninja, Almost a century etc. Well there are more to come but these were most common cheat codes and unlockables known for this game.

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