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Crashlands Review – How to Survive in This RPG Crafting Game

Crashlands is a free world action-adventure game developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. The game begins when the character’s spaceship was attacked and crashed by Hewgodooko and the character was lost in Waonope planet. In the game;you have to craft things in order to survive.  For the convenience of the game lovers, crashlands is available for iOS, Andriod, Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X. The crashlands review will help you to analyze the game’s play styles and tactics.

Game Play:

Crashlands is a single-player game that follows the principle of survival techniques. In the game, you have to collect items to craft different things. Hunt for items at different places like rocks, plants, rivers and on land. All the things which you find at these places will be automatically collected in your inventory which has unlimited storage capacity.

You can craft your items by going to the workstation. First craft sawmill which will help you in crafting wooden items and other important things in the game.  Each workstation you make will help you in crafting stronger items including weapons and armor. You can check the recipe of the desired item by accessing to the workstation. Now identify the ingredients which are required for crafting the desired item. If you lack any of the ingredient required to craft the particular item then go back in the game and hunt for the item.

Each of the crafted items has a quality measure. You can check its quality by assessing its color like white indicates normal, green indicates acceptable, blue indicates satisfying, purple indicates excellent and orange indicates legendary.

Creatures in the Game:

In the game, you will also interact with different creatures having different names. You can check the name of the creature by tapping on it. Creatures are helpful in crafting items but for this you have to first kill them. Creatures vary in their strength. You can check the strength of the creature by assessing the color of their name. Like white means easy, yellow means stronger than you, orange is more difficult and red means that they can kill you easily. The most easy survival tip in this situation is to run. Running skills are as important in the game as other survival skills.

Survival Tips:

  • Craft a stone bed and carry it with you so that you can take rest any time when the sun goes down.
  • Circling around the enemy will make your pet to attack on them but if you start running away from the enemy you pet will stop attacking them. So, after keep a safe distance keep circling around the enemy and your pet will keep attacking on them. You can also shoot a long-range weapon on your enemy if you want your pet to attack on them.
  • If you want to make plants grow instantly, use water bombs.
  • Plant seeds of different plants around your base/ crash site so that you can have ample supply of fresh items when required.
  • When starting a new quest, the target location will be marked on the map either with a yellow circle or red spot. Yellow circle indicates a general area which means that you have to circle around the area to identify the exact spot.

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