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How Advanced Technology Helps In Airport Chauffeur Service

Luxury travel management platforms design specifically for those that provide luxury travel for others.  They simplify every step of the booking and travel management process. They handle powerful management tools to provide travel arrangements in one simple and intuitive location. Whether you are tracking drivers with GPS technology, changing a …

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Terrorism and encryption: Cazeneuve targets Toward WhatsApp & Telegram

It heats up for WhatsApp and Telegram secure messaging. On Tuesday, Bernard Cazeneuve met his German counterpart to support a European anti-terrorism initiative aimed at limiting encryption. The Minister of the Interior would like to be able to “listen” to the encrypted messaging as he can do with the telephone …

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Oculus, the subsidiary of Facebook, was sentenced to 462 million euros for using technologies

The virtual reality company, Oculus VR, a Facebook subsidiary that was accused of designing its Rift helmet using technology stolen from Zenimax, a video game specialist, was ordered to pay a fine of $ 462 million. During the trial, Zenimax explained that some of his patents, computer codes and technical …

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