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The BeatsX wireless headset with special iPhone chip is on sale

It is today the date of sale of the BeatsX brand Beats Electronics. This new wireless headset is an alternative of choice to the famous Apple AirPods since it not only incorporates a W1 chip for an improved link but also displays some differences, notably price but not that. And like the AirPods, for which we have detailed here the prices and delays for different stores, the BeatsX are available at Apple and elsewhere. Here is a presentation of some online points of sale and potential differences in prices and deadlines:

Before getting to the heart of the matter, to know everything about the characteristics of the BeatsX, see the article on the announcement of their release.

Beats by Dre Apple’s subsidiary for a few years now, it is evident that BeatsX headphones are prioritised in the storefronts of the firm to the apple.

  • At Darty, the BeatsX have an almost identical price, a few cents, a delivery within 10 days (which corresponds to around February 20), but only appear to have white and black variants.
  • The French Store offers the BeatsX in 4 colours, black, blue, white and grey, for a price of 149.95 euros and an estimated delivery between 22 and 27 February.
  • At La Fnac, a price once again different to a few cents, a choice of colours restricted as Darty, black or white, but a promised delivery from February 13.
  • Finally, Boulanger displays the same rate as Darty and a delivery scheduled for February 16.

As you can see, the differences are very small for BeatsX’s rates and delivery times. Fnac and Boulanger seem to do better on the second point. On the other hand, the Apple Store offers the 4 colours in exclusivity visible at the moment, which of course can play in the decision to buy.

And for those who still hesitate between the BeatsX and the Apple AirPods, beyond the price, here is a detailed comparison made by Jonathan Morrison:

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