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Apple Release MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 With Sleep Mode

Apple has just released MACOS 10.12.4 the fourth major update for sierra. Since the operating system was released last September. On android, windows and MacOS, the feature is less necessary.

The first beta of MacOS sierra was released to developers on June 13, 2016. And the first public beta was release followed on July 7, 2016.


  • MacOS sierra requires at least 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

Sierra is the first version of MacOS since OX S Mountain released in 2012 which does not run on all computers.

System features:

  • Siri: the user can access the Siri intelligent via the duck.
  • I cloud drive and optimise storage: it can upload the user’s document and desktop directories and synchronise them to the other devices.
  • Auto unlocks and universal clipboard: it is the feature that facilitates the communication between the apple devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sierra adds two features.
  • Tabs and picture-in-picture: it supports multiple windows multiple tabs within a single window. With picture –in-picture the video can be played in a floating window.
  • Apple file system: it overcome the limitations of HFS plus.

Application features:

  • Photos
  • Safari and apple pay
  • Messages
  • Itunes

Security improvements:

  • Gatekeeper: MacOS changes the user interface.

MacOS sierra 10.12.4, security updates 2017:

  • Apache
  • Apache apache_mod_php
  • Apple graphic power management
  • Apple raid
  • Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Carbon
  • Core graphics
  • Core media
  • Core text
  • Curl
  • Finder kit
  • EFI
  • HTTP protocol
  • iBooks

All these are available for MacOS sierra 10.12.3

MacOS sierra 10.12.4 is a free update for all of the customers who are using or run MacOS sierra. MacOS sierra 10.12.4 also bring night shift mode for the first time to the Mac. Night shift can be activated through the display section of the system.

The 10.12.4 update focuses primarily on the night shift. Night shift is the prominent feature of MacOS sierra 10.12.4. Night shift MacOS sierra 10.12.4 includes dictation that supports for Shanghainese.  This feature was developed to help IOS and the original developer of the only beta of MacOS sierra 10.12.4 was released on January, 24.

There are also some fixes an issue causes Mac book connection to certain docking stations. These are the features, requirements and improvements of MacOS sierra 10.12.4 which are discussed above.

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