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Airbeans Will Compete Airpods Very Well

Well There is great news for all iPhone 7 users who were waiting for Airpods to come in 2017 and after its release in 13th December 2016 if you still have not bought them you are right on time to check this new thing that will interest you, well that thing is known as AirBean that are in market and have got great sound and are really easy to use. Bluetooth wireless headphones (earpods) are getting very famous these days for its ease of use and its light weight that will make you feel that you are not wearing anything at all.

These AirBeans are half in cost as compared to Airpods and come with price just of 70 USD and its really a great thing for those who needed Airpods but with current price tag they will think 2 times before buying them.

I would suggest IPhone users to Just go and get your hands on one of these Airbeans and enjoy listening music with great sound and ease for  just 69.99 USD from Pocketnow.

Airbeans come in 3 different sizes to fit in almost every ear with ease and give comfortable feeling to users and no one would even realize you are earing some earpods or not. Just charge them regularly by hooking them on their magnetic aluminum charging case when you are done with them.

Enjoy your music while working, exercising, and common activities every time anytime and anywhere. With 4.1 Bluetooth technology, these earpods will provide great streaming quality without any lags and noise due to its active noise reduction feature.

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