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The 5 Best Features of IPhone – You Should Know About

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Ever since iPhone has been introduced, it has remained a leader in the smartphone industry. Following are it’s best features and specifications that every user would be fond of.


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This program, which is an integral part of iOS, works as a smart virtual assistant and navigator. Using the language of the user, this software responds to their questions, comes up with various solutions, and follows specific commands. Its modus operandi for performing actions is through delegating requests to web services. Talking to SIRI is the easiest thing to do. Be it setting an alarm, sending a love note, or making a call, all one has to do is merely say it to SIRI and it will do it.

Incredible Camera Design

Iphone Camera Design - ReviewsNroid.com

iPhone camera results are widely acclaimed for their sharper and brighter images of very high quality. Apple’s continuous effort for upgrading its camera has resulted in an introduction of the front-facing camera having 12 Megapixel sensors, which is faster and more energy efficient. The Quad –LED true tone flash in iPhone can adjust to the various temperatures and colours in the environment and results in extremely high-quality images. Detailing of objects, excellent treatment of high contrast lighting situations and noise reductions are unique features of theiPhone cameras enabling, users to capture photos of a quality that is normally associated with DSLR cameras.

Battery Life

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Smartphones are widely criticised (often quite correctly) for their horrible battery life. Apple has continuously improved and enhanced the battery life of its iPhones. Through an ongoing quality improvement process, iPhones users have been able to browse for 12 hours on a single charge and have 2 hours additional battery life in most usage scenarios. Talk time, which was previously 14 hours, has been enhanced to 21 hours. Its wireless video playback runs for almost 14 hours, whereas its wireless audio playback lasts up to 21 hours.


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Though initially introduced by Japanese mobile manufacturers, their use has now been internationalised thanks to Apple and its iPhones. Apple has introduced hundreds of new Emojis supported by the IOS 10.2.The Company has also revamped its Emojis’ visual style, which now has a very modern look and possesses a 3D appearance. This feature increases the detail of every character.

Operating System

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The operating system iOS 10, which is used in iPhones, is quite secure and can withstand several security threats that so easily attack and damage other smartphones. This is because users’ privacy has been on the top of the priority list for Apple. In its quest to protect the privacy of its users, Apple has gone beyond passcodes and fingerprints, and has developed a security measure within its processors, called as the “Security enclave”. Through this measure, all the critical data is stored on a chip, making it a computer within a computer. In effect, this guarantees that neither the internal systems nor any external hacker can change or modify specific codes.

There are several reasons why iPhones are so popular all over the world, some of which have just been mentioned. If you don’t see it yet, then you should get an iPhone yourself, and experience some world-class features.


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