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Top Android Apps of 2017 – The Best You Can Find in Your Smartphone

Android applications are the interesting source of enjoying life. The flagship literally explores the google dropping new sets of mobiles and new digital assistant, and there were also a lot of developers to cite different apps. Moreover, the android community is a reliable source of turning out creativity and also the serious use of the apps. There are billions of apps in the store. You just need a great a new app which is also available on dozens. There are a list of new apps with the characteristics.

  • Best file manager apps
  • Best messenger apps
  • Best keywords apps
  • Best GPS apps
  • Best productivity apps
  • Best music apps
  • Best image editing apps

Best messenger apps

The smartphone users send messages to each other and moreover, they make calls. So, Users need a better messenger app.


WhatsApp is the different chat app that is installed over one million smartphones. It is always a good experience to add new features and the secure way of talking.


The Telegram is the free app that has end-end encryption and group chatting. This is a pioneer of chat bots. Unlike another messenger app, this is a multi-functional device for chatting.

Solid Explorer

The ES file explorer is the alternative way of solid explorer. It is highly accessible and rich features to make a crisp material design. It is also a doubled panel display that provides you a navigation system to drag your file from one folder to another.

Amaze File Manager

The Amaze File Manager is easy and free to use. It has easy access to files and you can move your files, delete and copying your file with this secure app. This is a file tree in which you can save your hundreds of file and transform it into other versions.

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