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Top 10 Android Apps of 2017

Android devices have ruled the world from the past decade and if you are the one who loves to stack the phone with new applications, then this top 10 android apps list is the one you should look out for. The selected applications are taken from all categories.

Comixology Comics


Finding a good comics application for the cell phone is very difficult. If you like comics and want a comic application for the android phone, then you should download and install Comixology Comics. You can easily browse through different categories of comics and buy the comics with just a single tap. You can also get a full time access by paying a small sum of USD 5.


Evernote is a complete management tool for professional users. With the help of this application, you can easily take notes, record voices, take screenshots of webpages and also manage lists. The application is filled with awesome features such as optical character recognition and easy search.

Download and Install

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger connects you with millions of facebook friends and the best part of the application is that you can also connect to phone contacts as well. The application is filled with thousands of stickers and options such as video and voice calling.

Download and Install

Google Drive

Google drive is different from all the other cloud storage device as it helps you to store the files and also provides the office suite that can cater all the office files on your mobiles phone. You can edit the files offline and they will be automatically update when you connect to the internet.

Download and Install


If you are the one who is bad at remembering passwords, then last pass is the application that you should have in your device. This latest android application has a dedicated password manager which generates and saves unique and complex passwords for every application and website.

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All the latest android phones comes with large screens and you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows on the device with the help of Netflix. Netflix has different packages and you can get access to their database by just spending 8 USD per month.

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Different mobile antivirus companies have partnered with Google to provide a malware free experience to all users. Although, android is a secure platform but you can be exposed to malware when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi. Due to this, you need a private network such as Nord VPN in your device and keep yourself safe from threats.

Download and Install

PicsArt Photo Studio

Many cell phones comes with default photo editing application but PicsArt is the application that provides new filters and turn ordinary images into masterpieces.

Download and Install

Pocket Casts

Pockets casts is the best application for the music lovers as it syncs with different applications and provides the podcasts information right on your home screen. You can also share the links to the favorite podcasts with your friends and family members.

Download and Install


Listening to music has turned easy with the help of Spotify. Spotify offers crisp, clear audio with a huge database. The best thing about this application is that you can manage a playlist with your friends and edit it whenever you want.

Download and Install

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