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Top 5 Offline GPS and navigation apps for Android

As we know there are a lot of great and useful navigation apps for when you possess a data connection, but what about the time when you need to access the app and you don’t have a data connection when you’re offline? So, you have come to the right place. Yes, We would tell you some of the best Android Offline Navigation Apps to which you can have access anytime even when you don’t have a data connection or net.

Let’s have a look at the apps below:

1. Google Maps ( Location App):

 If you’re using an Android then it’s quite easy to use this app which needs a little bit preparation to use it offline. “Google Maps” is the best offline GPS for android free download. Just select settings and u can see the option of “Offline Areas” in which you can see the already stored locations. In order to download a new area, go to “Custom Area” and save your desired locations.You can also get offline maps for android free download.

2. The GPS Navigation And Maps Sygic App:

You may don’t know of this GPS app for android without internet but it was created by Tom Tom.Wth the help of which you may have the accuracy of the locations and its directions.The GPS Navigation Sygic app is an offline GPS for iPhone, best for drivers who can have to enjoy warnings of the speed limit. This Android Offline Navigation App is also good for the people who are on foot who can achieve advantage from walkers navigation zone and offline places of famous restaurants and sights etc.

3. CoPilot GPS Navigation (Offline App):

In-car navigation app is the main focus of CoPilot GPS Sat-Nav Navigation. It’s best free GPS app for android, easy to use without the internet.People on foot may not use it. For every step, it will give you three individual ways. For each route, you can include up to 52 separate waypoints. If you’re willing to plan a road trip and make sure you see all the main points of interest when you are driving.

4. MapFactor GPS Offline Navigator Maps App:

 One of the best choices is MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps for navigating maps. It’s free to download and free of cost. There are more than 200 separate maps, which include 56 in Europe and 53 in the United States of America. MapFActor is the suitable GPS app for android free download. They are organised by an individual country. You may also find out maps for speed cameras in interesting areas. Each map has its details.

5. HERE WeGo (Offline Maps):

It’s the tremendous app for hikers. It’s the easiest to use GPS navigation for the cell phone. You can download the maps of your interested region or area for offline use. It also gives traffic info. It’s free of cost so that everyone can use it.

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