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Pakistani Students Made An App for Visually Challenged Users

Students studying Software Engineering in COMSATS University in Pakistan have developed Mobile app Optasia to help people with physical disability of blindness, this app will help Blind people to navigate their way while walking on road.

Optasia is easy to operate, all you need is Smartphone with this application installed in it and synced with a customizable cane. Smartphone will be mounted on cane.

It has a hand glove and 4 sonars sensors equipped in it, located on left, right, front and upper front of cane all attached on cane.

All you need to do next is to run this app which will automatically detect location of individual via GPS, next thing you need to do is speak the name of destination and application will itself pick it up and calculate best path and set it up for use.

As soon as path is all set, phone camera will pick images and guide individual through out whole journey. The next thing that is very important for person travelling is to avoid any hurdles and obstacles in way, well they have come up with two solutions to deal with it.

First way is to use images captured by smartphone camera, images will be processed by app itself and voice system will inform and alert user about incoming obstacles.

Second thing that will help user are sonar sensors equipped with glove on cane that is constantly assess surroundings and these sensors depending on their position will vibrate and inform user about obstacles. These vibrations will be felt on different parts of hands including fingers depending on vibrations felt on then will guide user where obstacle is.

  • Vibration sensed on index finger means obstacle is on lower front.
  • Vibration felt on thumb will tell obstacle is in front.
  • Vibration felt on top mean obstacle is on right side.
  • Vibration felt on little finger will mean obstacle is on left.

Team says that this product is under testing phase but have committed to roll this product in market soon and help people with such challenges in life. Well such innovations coming out in world of technology insures great help for every segment of society where these services of technology will mean a lot to people.

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