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Fire Emblem Heroes – A Fantasy Strategic Game for IOS and Android

Fire Emblem Heroes is a new fantasy strategic game for iOS and Android devices which are developed by Nintendo. The game was released for every region on February 2, 2017.

The faith has brought two kingdoms together In a battle. The Kingdom of Ask and heroes from different worlds have gathered together, To fight against the Emilian Empire.

You will be spawned on grid looking type map. Each map is designed by the measures of 8×6 especially for the smartphones and because of that, you will be able to enjoy the game in its true colors. This game is a little bit similar to “League of Legends”  Players are able to create a team of up to four champions and then progress through the levels and obstacles with them. Now you’re probably wondering how do you start off or how do you play what are the controls?  So let me tell you.

The game is not actually really hard to play just click on your character and then drag it to the enemy character and after few seconds a small screen will appear on your smartphone and they will have a small battle and you will soon know who wins. This is your army so you have to play strategically in order to be victorious at the end. The controls are easy but as you keep progressing in further levels you have to make strategic moves in order to win just like chess.

At the top of each character, you will see red, green, and blue color on them. These colors are to show you that which class is stronger it goes like this Red is stronger than green and green is stronger than blue and lastly blue is stronger than red. The orb is like the old of this game you will be able to purchase heroes or get additional items with it.

The popularity of the game & People’s review: 

The game was very well received by the critics and they have said that the game is very well designed but the only thing few of them did not like was the limit of stamina. The game was also ranked as the third most played game in japan In the month of march and that explains it all that it is one of the best mobile game. Here how it was rated by people all around the world.

Metacritic: 74/100
Hobby Consolas: 79/100
Metro: 7/10
Pocket Gamer: 7/10

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