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Best Educational Apps – iPhone and Android Users Must Have

With the technological advancements and progress in the field of IT, everything has evolved including the way education is delivered and received. Without technology, learning cannot become efficient regardless how much education is improved in other ways. In the modern era, almost every student and professor uses technology integrated educational methods to maximize learning in the most efficient and convenient manner. From among a range of technological advancements in education, the development of educational apps is a great invention.

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Since smartphone has been observed as a necessity for the human population, the availability of educational apps means that a lot of people can benefit from them in terms of learning. While these apps are mainly targeting high school and college students, almost anyone can benefit from these apps in many ways. The education apps can help you in increasing your knowledge, organizing coursework and keeping your mind active at all times so you may need to have them on your phone. Just like students try assignment help and guidance to excel in courses and academics, they can use educational apps to do the same.

Following are some educational apps that you, as an iPhone or Android user, must have in your smartphone to maximize learning:

Photo Math:

Students usually struggle with mathematical problems at every level of academia but the most important part is to strengthen your math basics. Photo Math is a great app for high school students who struggle with algebraic problems. You can take a snap of the problem or type it and Photo math presents a step-by-step solution to you. While you may think that students may use this for all their questions without trying any question by themselves, the main purpose of the app is to help them understand one question and do the rest by themselves.


This educational app provides students with a great opportunity to get access to course material from some of the finest institutes around the world. Since students do require study and practice material apart from their own course books and test banks, edXwill grants you access to online lectures, quizzes and assignments from McGill and MIT among others. Be it computer science assignment help or assistance with any other homework, edX resources will make it possible for you to race courses.

Ready 4 SAT:

Since we know how important the SAT score is, Ready4 SAT could be a great app for high school students. The app allows students to practice SAT material and it makes them aware of the test-taking tips. This means that you can prepare for SAT even when you do not have access to books or laptop which eliminates any waste of time. Additionally, the app tends to motivate you by trying to match your potential score with global academic programs and schools.

My Study Life:

A common problem that college students face is forgetting deadlines and timelines because the workload is immense. Since college students get assignments one after another, My Study Life will send you a reminder whenever a deadline is approaching so you do not miss any and lose marks. It also helps you plan your daily activities and the interface is user-friendly and colorful to keep you engaged with the app.


In simple words, OneNote is the revolutionized way of taking notes and keeping them safe. You can take notes, record lectures and take snapshots of the handwritten notes you write using a pen or stylus. The fact that you can store the notes on One Drive and Office 365 eliminates any need for carrying huge registers and notebooks all the time, giving a boost to convenience.

Wolfram Alpha: 

It is unlikely that any student might not have used WolframAlpha in their academic life yet. Wolfram Alpha is a complete solution to all your problems as it utilizes numerous algorithms and data to answer questions. It also provides detailed insight on how it reached to that answer for better understanding.

With these six educational apps for iPhone and Android users, students can maximize their learning by boosting efficiency. Apart from efficiency, these apps also make your life convenient.

Author Bio: Justin Stewart is the head of innovation and strategy at tryassignmenthelp.com in Australia. He studied Management sciences and emphasizes a lot on innovation and latest technology.

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