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Turn your Phones in Live Speakers Using Amplify App

TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon was held this year in London, the attractive thing there was an app developed by some Developers from UK. App was all about a live streaming of a song or audio file that will stream in every phone that has app installed in it.

Amplify is name of app and it gives access to number of people to start their streaming of Audio files in such way that every listener is on same part of that audio file played by a computer. Let’s Imagine a Party and some one wants a nice song to be played instead of arranging a setup each phone can be a speaker and will play same song on every phone.

Project is working perfectly and according to people who had covered events had claimed that in their blog its running as expected, team had only 24 hours to complete Project at hackathon and it’s a big deal to work under such time limitation on you and each member has to pull strings together and get it done to show something in end.

In Order to operate service use a web browser, start a song on any device using web browser, instead of setting up big music system and taking care of wires and all that management of whole system just rely on streaming service turn all phones into speakers play song and will work just like a music system. Though a lot of work and refinement is needed but this idea is great and will be better after updates on it.

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