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Sniper 3D Assassin Still Holds Top Position on Google Play Store

Sniper 3D assassin is ranking top on Google Play Store, What is keeping this game so catchy for gamers after all ? well this game has great look and feel for gamers as compared to other copies in stream of games flowing in store.

Story is based on Global Criminal Elimination and get lock n load to fight crime. Get best visuals, catchy gameplay and 3D experience.

Game theme is about finding the right targets in crowd located in American Cities, fight with passing time, exploding helicopters and saving victims.

Missions are revolving around a Hired Assassin working for US President Covert Operations where you need to find target take a head shot and eliminate it, be it ISIS Terrorists, Suicide Bombers, Gangsters, Thugs, corrupt cops.

Help Resistance to overthrow dictator, save State Secrets from double spies, if you win you will be played and if you fail you will be killed.

The big thing about this game is weapons customizations and upgrades available buy a sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, pistol and equipment’s that come with it , ammo upgrades , scopes , grip all of that stuff that a gamer playing games falls in love for it is there .

The best thing about it is that is not a Live game you can play it everywhere and anywhere you want or feel good at. It takes Limited data for upgrades so it is not going to take all of your MB’s from your phone using carriers service.

All these features and catchy visuals make it unique for gamers to select and play instead of copy apps or deceiving apps in store that make people angry plus the popularity says it all that this app is best and people love it any newbie can be aware of its content not just catchy that its not just catchy picture it’s in fact a great game as it looks from outside.

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